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Dita Basu

Dita Basu, originally from India, is now a resident of Walnut Creek, California, where she has lived for forty-some years with her husband and raised a family. She is a bilingual writer who loves to write in English and in Bengali, her mother tongue. Her books and short stories are published in both languages in the USA and in India. 

Retired from her teaching career, Dita now focuses more on the craft of writing. She is an active member of the California Writers Club. 

When the Muse abandons her, she could be found fiddling with beads trying to make jewelry or wandering in the garden tending her orchids. 

Most of all — she loves to write.

Book signing Event
Book Reading Event at Lafayette Library
Dita loves to make jewelry
Dita's proud granddaughter -- hope one day she'll read it.

Dita's presentation for Art Embraces Words