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Dita Basu, originally from India, is now a resident of Walnut Creek, California, where she has lived for forty-some years with her husband and raised a family. She is a bilingual writer who loves to write in English and in Bengali, her mother tongue. Her books and short stories are published in both languages in the USA and in India.

She also writes under her real name -- Anindita Basu.

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Shadow Birds - The Story of a Young Girl During the Partition of India

In this coming of age, historical fiction, the world of Bangladesh comes alive…while touching the hearts of refugees of all times and places. In an era of vivid charm, and on the very day of India’s Independence… August 15, 1947… Khukumoni faces a shocking reality. The two main religions declared war and now she can no longer visit her best friend because her friend is Muslim, not a Hindu like herself.

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Ohia Lehua Flower and my Wish

Ohia Lehua flower and my Wish

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