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5FDF66D6-262F-4077-9C9C-4D73329DF3D8Today I signed the contract for my book—Dreamcatcher: the emotional journey of an immigrant bride from India.

It felt very much like when you give yourself to the doctor’s hands before giving birth to your child hoping he better not kill the baby, or maybe it’s how you feel leaving your precious little one to the care of a teacher the very first day of his school life.You turn and wonder if the teacher would be loving to your child, would she be able to understand him…etc. The feeling is very similar.

I hope, pray that the editor would not chop it mercilessly, the cover designer and formatter would be mindful and all that. Most of all I wish I could be able to present a beautiful book to my beloved readers…but would they like it? I don’t know…I have no control of that. Now it’s be out of my hand, out in the universe. The analogy of a child with a book is strange but true, you know. You can only do so much…the rest is up to luck.

Wonder what's the story about? It's about an immigrant bride, Shila.

Shila’s enthusiasm deflates the day Asim, her husband declares he’s going to America, cancelling the celebration party of his promotion in India. Yet, she believes her father’s words—‘This man has ambition. He’ll rise to the top’, and follow her husband to the faraway foreign land.

Docile Shila, frustrated with her husband’s ambitious career moves to the USA, and absentee parenting learns to bring up their daughter in the new culture

Crisis peaks when Asim gives an ultimatum — she must choose between him who’d go back to India, or stay in America for the kid, who’d soon go to college leaving an empty nest.

Shila’s immigrant journey in America during the nineties opens her to a new world where a larger-than-life call awaits. Should she answer to that call, putting the security of her marriage at stake while her innate shyness challenges her https://ditabasu

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