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New Year Message

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The New Year started with a bang. Yes, even before I could write my typical resolution list, it happened. In the morning after slapping my alarm clock (who sets an alarm on New Year’s day, right?) I rushed to the bathroom and BOOM! I fell. It was quite surprising to find myself on the floor like that. After I got up, the entire world started spinning. Crawling to my bed, I wondered, what’s happening?

Don’t want to bore you with details. After spending the entire New Year’s Day like a zombie and the following day at the E.R. I came out clean after many tests. My heart was fine, my head did not suffer from hemorrhage. Doctor declared it was BPPV.

What’s that? I am getting used to acronyms these days where I am terribly weak. LOL! It stands for a very long tongue twisting syndrome which in plain words means vertigo. The doc explained that for whatever reason, the calcium debris inside our ear canal gets out of whack and messes up the sense of balance. It’s a benign thing but can be dangerous if you fall or bump into things as an accident.

Exercises were prescribed as well as some medicine. Following those religiously made things much better and manageable. Now I can confidently stand on my own feet. I have found my balance and the whirling of the world subsided, but I wonder what was all these about and why? What message is the universe trying to send me?

A wee voice chimed inside me. My eyes fell on an assortment of handmade cards and notes of well wishes. Happy pictures of ‘Welcome home’ and ‘Get well soon’ wishes created by my grandkids. I remembered how they rushed to the door when I returned from the hospital. Glitters in their pictures dazzled, reminding me of their laughter and joy.

When we were left alone, me and my husband, I took a long breath. Smell of chicken stew drifted from the kitchen that he had cooked. That’s a novelty. He doesn’t cook; I do. I felt warm inside and also ashamed for so many times I complained about the things he doesn’t do. That happens, I console myself, when you are married for forty-some years.

As I sit down to write today, I find my journal is begging for entries of such stories, authentic—the little things I am thankful for but do not mention or acknowledge. The blessings I take for granted.

In this uncertain time when you don’t know what to expect, if schools would remain open tomorrow, if hospitals could treat you if you are sick, when you are sick with worries about your folks who are near and far, and all you have is your prayers for all, move on. Go ahead with hope and strength, and a to - do list in hand to be sane. You want normalcy.

I must know the world whirls. That’s its nature. That’s a scientific fact. I have to find the balance to hold tight and stay strong. If there is one word, only one word to focus on this year, for me it is BALANCE.

What would it be for you? Take a moment and think and leave a note please for me in the comment. HAPPY NEW YEAR.